Monday, October 24, 2011

Radio Shack Back to its Roots?

Wow, now this would be a novel idea!  I can recall so many times over the last two years trying to just go out to the local Rat Shack to try to find something as common as an Ethernet crossover cable, and being met with that tragic phrase "No, we don't carry that anymore..."  and even worse for Radio Shack "You might try Best Buy down the road...". 

It sounds like Radio Shack may be making some intersting changes in the near future...

Friday, October 21, 2011

Smishing Scam Targets Wells Fargo


So a slightly different take on a familiar PHISHING attack.  In this type of scam, a cell phone user receives a TEXT (seemingly from the bank) saying there has been a breach in security and they need to call or respond with specific information (account #, personal info, last four digits, etc.).  Then the criminal takes that information and drains an account...

See full story here...

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

ATMs Hit by Cash Trappers

Hmmm.  Here's a not-so-new approach to an old crime.  The cash trap has been a known crime for some time, but it's interesting that in EU, there is a DROP in skimming attacks at the same time an INCREASE in the cash traps.

In US, by many accounts, it seems the skimming is on the rise, along with several other crime (cash traps, smash and drags, etc.)...

See the full story here...

Thursday, October 13, 2011

NY Skimming Incidents may Be Linked

Kindof a general article again related to ATM Skimming.  It discusses the several cases that have more recently occurred (Seattle, Florida, New York).

Interesting factoid:

From one ATM Machine with ONE skimming device, the back could see losses of approx 50K!

Skimming Devices on the Rise - ABC2 in Baltimore

Great news report on the effects of ATM Skimming related to ID Theft in Baltimore.  This plague is spreading quite quickly.

ATM Skimming devices are gaining in sophisticated.  Very descrete and attached to a Gas Pump...

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