Wednesday, May 7, 2008

CCTV Video for Hospitals

I happened to see a News Article this morning in the TV regarding a woman who gained access to the Newborn Ward at a hospital in Sanford FL. She walked in, grabbed a baby and left. Just like that! Many hospitals take great care in protecting the baby with wrist bracelets, alarm systems and locked doors. But even with those securities, there are still things that can be done to protect against this type of things from happening.

One of the great things about security these days is how it can be implemented with relative low impact on the a person's freedom and on the environment. If video systems are implemented or augmented using newer features (like integration to access control and alarm systems, as well as, some analytics), then responses to these types of cases become much more immediate and effective.

In Sanford, FL, the door alarms were triggered immediately, and the woman who stole the baby was tracked down quickly by the police. CCTV Video was used to get a definite and immediate picture for the police force to know for whom they were looking. The baby was returned to the parents unharmed.

Consider some other reasons for security in hospitals - the mother who is sick after giving birth who gets taken advantage of by a person on the ward, the people who claim the nursing staff is abusive or neglectful, or how about giving the hospital a clear way to see activity within the different areas to adjust staffing, heating or lighting. These are all ways video can be used, with minimal human effort to protect people and reduce costs in our hospitals.

Just food for thought...

Matt Marshall

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