Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Owning a City - Good News

Another fine installation of the Verint Video Management Platforms...

New York and LA have really taken to the whole concept of "one throat to choke". Although perhaps not on purpose. Because of the relationships between Verint, Integrator and End Users, these two cities have really grown to have the largest metropolitan area installations of IP Digital Video in the US. Tunnels, Bridges, Seaports, Corporate Centers, Piers, Train Stations, Airports, and, of course retail stores like Wal-Mart and Home Depot. All using the Verint Video Platforms. The advantage for Verint should be very apparent - Owning a City!

Using Verint's Nextiva Enterprise Video Management Platform allows the end user to use their own selected Commercial Off The Shelf servers and storage (like Dell, HP and EMC). The end user can also use Verint's line of single and multi-port encoders to take legacy CCTV video into this new IP Video system. Using Verint's IP Cameras (fixed and PTZ), allows the end user to grow into some of the newer capabilities of IP video streaming and review. Finally, using Verint's wireless transmitters, access points, bridges and repeaters allows the end user to get from point to point in some of those hard to reach places or quick additions without major construction.

The advantage for the Integrator is also pretty simple - fine design and deployment prove to the end user the Integrator is committed to moving into the newer technologies. Showing this allows the Integrator to solidify their relationships with the End Users.

Consider the advantage for the End User(s) though... With collaboration, these end users can really be at the LEADING edge of technology, growing and changing their systems with newer technologies. Bringing the end users together into small "Think Tank" type of environments really opens the door for them to express their concerns and to share their praises of the new technologies. This certainly allows the end users to "Own" their system and effect the changes in the future of the video surveillance and security markets. Finally, it allows the end user to always have one number to call to correct an issue.

Owning a City - good news for all it seems to me...

Just food for thought.

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