Tuesday, November 29, 2011

$1 Million ATM Fraud Scam Busted

Zoweee!  Some key aspects in this article. 


First, ONE DAY of skimming yielded about 350K in losses.  A single Sunday the criminals used a skimmer and pinhole camera to collect just 350 acct and pin numbers.  Then they pulled about 1000 from each account.

Second, in many of these cases, it's the CUSTOMERS bringing attention to the cases, not the banks or law enforcement folks who solve the crime.  Interesting that we are still relying on ourselves to solve this type of crime.  Be very observant when you use your ATM machines.

Finally, it seems, according to the article that there is an explosion of ATM Skimming crimes with no real end in site.  The crimes are small enough that legislation to combat the problem wont be reviewed for a long time.  This means the problems will persist.

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