Thursday, September 22, 2011

Is it REALLY the Economy, Stupid?

So, I can't help but get encouraged and frustrated at the same time when I see articles such as these.  First, a Duane Reade drug store opened over the summer in NYC.  Here's an excerpt:

"At 22,000 sq. ft., it is Duane Reade’s largest store ever. The cavernous former bank space has vaulted ceilings that rise two stories above the marble floor and retains the bank’s marble columns, pyramidal roof and French gothic spire. As the Bank of Manhattan Trust Building, it was the tallest structure in the world until the Chrysler Building opened in 1930. Donald Trump purchased it in 1995, but for 11 years the site was only used to host special events, Magnacca says. The New York City Landmarks Preservation Committee awarded it landmark status in 1998."

HOLY MOLY Batman!  A DRUG STORE!  That's encouraging for Duane Reade and Parent company, Walgreens, but really, a DRUG STORE?  Hard to believe we're still having a real problem with the ecomony when companies are performing this type of monumental addage to their existing footprint.

Take that story and add it to this one...  A Software Engineer, Stephen Huff, in MO builds PENSMORE (Loosely derived from "Thinking More), a 72000 sq ft high tech home.

Said to be one of the largest and yet most fuel-efficient homes ever, I reckon the project alone will keep hundreds of workers busy for the next two years. 

I'm starting to think the problem's not really economocal in nature, but more POLITICAL!

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